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10 Ideas to an Anything-but-Boring Basement

July 9, 2018 — by Renomania Staff Writer


Hello friends,

Welcome everyone with an all new spirit of joy! As its time for new plants on your terrace garden and it’s the right time get your basement renovated too! Trust me, basements are not just meant for kids play area, these can be much more useful.

A functional space – With all the basic necessities alongwith a play zone for adults can be one idea that cannot go amiss. The indoor pool or a TT table will attract your attention and seems a perfect match for the ambiance of the basement.

TT pool in the basement with film posters

Got a gang? – A home theatre, with that huge screen makes the basement an absolutely perfect spot for a cool hangout with your gang of boys and a bar is just the thing that makes it even more worthwhile.

home theatre with fancy statues

Play zone – The addition of a pool table is just the apt thing to spruce up the basement space while the low ceiling with recessed light seems to give the room a warm character.

pool table w=with bar and sitting space

Rustic – A grand space with the right decor is sure to add to the movie magic and the strategic use of bricks in the entire space, wooden flooring with exceptionally well done seating adds great appeal to this space.

basement with wooden flooring with furniture

Add some texture – to your gorgeous basement, the custom designed furnishings further lend a captivating charm turning your basement into a lavish room.

lower ground floor with staircase, furniture and a chandelier

A ‘true theater’ experience – The combination of white, light and highlights of dark tones along with the subtle well-planned lights, ambient atmosphere and the oh so lovely decor, highlights the screen wall of your gorgeous home theater.

a big living space with furniture and accessories

Elaborate and stunning – The setting of motifs on the colored glass windows and the inlay design on the staircase makes the otherwise isolated basement an ultimate place for a special entertainment hub.

staircase with moroccan style glasses

An Air of Indulgence – The art of combining Moroccan features on the wall, the rugs, modern take on Moorish pendants sets the entire tone of this basement. The comfy seating in a well-lit with contemporary arrangement further adds on to this stylish space.

living room with hanging lights painted in darker shades

A man cave – that is made out of a remodeled basement that is a favorite for all your friends. Trendy to the core, the home bar makes it a dynamic ‘social zone’

wooden flooring, pool table, recliner

For a Traveler – who would love to come back home to this basement with trunk style center table, the maps on the wall and trust me there is no other way than music that makes it even more entertaining.

home theatre with sofa and a chair

Yes, homes today are a little short on space, so it is not suggested to keep any room ignored, especially the basement that is usually huge and empty. So, giving equal value to every inch in our homes, I am sure you will gladly take any extra room that is available, especially the basement. These have the potential to host many fun family weekends that go beyond just movies and a little more entertainment for everyone out there.


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