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10 Ideas to Decorate the NICHE in your Home

January 25, 2016 — by Renomania Design Team


“A house is made of bricks and beams, a home is made of hopes and dreams”. The transformation of a house into a home is deeply influenced by its Interiors. The more personal touch you add, the better the house becomes. The walls of the house play an extensive role in giving a base to your dream home. Walls with Niches can be a tricky thing to do, but they also expand your scope to add varied artwork. Here are the little tricks that you can play around your wall niches to give them a fresh look.

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interior fireplace on bio fuel

You can add an exposed brick or stone work band around the Niche to accentuate the recess. These Niches can be used for hosting your TV or Fireplace.


Make use of dead spaces behind the sofa to create interesting use like book Storage.

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A Bar can be great function for a Niche. Not more than 6 inches depth is needed for bottles and well supported glass shelves can do the space saving trick.


If you have a Niche that is stretched along the entire wall, it can be the best idea to frame that Niche to give it a look of the bookshelf. Not only the books, it can also be used to keep your antiques and of course the central part can host your Television.

Interior Of The Comfortable Bedroom In Brown Color

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Enhance the look of your Niche with the suitable Lighting on the underside. Fancy LED fittings can enhance the look manifold.


Mounted corners, knick knacks and tastefully chosen paintings can add an aesthetic value to your Niche.

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The Outdoors can be a great place to create Niches and highlighting them to add to the ambience. You can keep pots and plants and the added Lighting can do wonders for your space.


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A small area to sit in the bathroom can be created as a niche to add to the design and look factor. A Bathroom Niche can also be a place to keep shampoo bottles and maybe a small plant holder.


Nooks and Niches of the walls can be used to give an interesting twist to your space. You can make use of this place to host your carefully picked showpieces. Complement it with apt Lighting. Make sure not to clutter it with all your ensembles at the same place.

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Niches with good depth can be converted into a lounge area. Just furnish it with a comfortable seat and cushions to snuggle. The rest of the height can be used to hang an art work.

Walls your house speak volumes about your taste and personality. Break the monotony and just add versatility to its Niches.



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