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10 reasons why “Rain Showers” can be more than just FUN!!

July 13, 2017 — by Renomania Staff Writer


I know you don’t like getting up early to get to work. It is totally dreadful imagining a day full of heat and grime. Sweat and dirt can really pull you down, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start everyday feeling like a new born petal freshly bathed in the morning dew? This is just what a perfect rain shower does for you. Feel each drop of rain cleanse and caress your delicate skin while washing away all the anxiety from your mind.

Rainfall Shower

Having your very own Rain shower can do that and so much more. Fortunately, the amazing options available today can truly transport you to a world, away from all the heat & noise. Thus, creating a therapeutic spa like experience. A rain shower experience can be quite different from our regular shower. Let me share some of its key differentiators.

1. Unlike a regular wall hung shower, “rain showers” envelop the entire body to create an enhanced bathing experience which gives you the feeling of a perfect summer rain.

2. Even If you’re in a hurry, this whole-body bathing experience can truly transport your mind to a world where time stops and the body is transported instantly to the lap of luxury and comfort.

3. Multiple shower nozzles can modify and enhance the experience. Now you can choose between, light drizzle to heavy downpour to waterfall like bathing sensation in the privacy of your bathroom.

Rainfall Shower

4. Change the direction and pressure of water to enjoy personalized massaging of different area of your body.

5. You no longer have to take turns or fight for that meager spray of water… but beware, precious moments together under these showers can create priceless memories to be cherished forever.

Rainfall Shower

6. Some advance systems gives you additional advantage of color therapy along with hydrotherapy. Let your body absorb and gain from various wavelengths of light.

Rainfall Shower

7. One amazing product has even added music to your shower experience. Now getting into the mood for the Zumba based rain dance is just a click away.

8. Add temperature controlled water sprays now, to gently sooth your skin and open the pours to give you that refreshing after effect.

Rainfall Shower

9. Operate the lights, the music, control water temperature, direction and pressure … to create that ambiance, all with the help of a smart app on your mobile phone. Wow, right?

Rainfall Shower

10. Be sure to have advance knowledge of your guests departure dates… chances are they would want to extend their stay having experienced your hospitality and THAT sensational bathing experience that ONLY YOU provide. Going back to a regular shower will no longer be an option.

Whether in the morning or late at night… The experience can be so enthralling that simple showers would no longer be acceptable, even by you.. Once in it, I assure you, your body would crave for it every day. Do you want to know what I am talking about?

Picture Credits: Grohe



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