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5 ways to add Panache to your LIVING ROOM

April 11, 2017 — by Navneet Malhotra


5 ways to add panache to your living room that pro’s don’t want to tell

1. Create a focus wall. One that will catch and hold the visitors eye when they enter the room or from where they are expected to look at while sitting. This wall need not be very large but it surely needs to be in a contrasting colour/ finish to the surrounding walls. i.e. it could be a shade of dark colour if the rest of the walls are in light colour and vice versa. Use a stunning piece of furniture or an art work, a painting or a sculpture with strong spot light focused on it for dramatic effect.

a wooden feature wall with beige shaded sofa and orange cushions

2. Synchronize the style of furniture even if it is bought at different occasions. This is often the biggest mistake made by most people. We end up getting a hotchpotch of clashing styles in our impulsive buying streak.

light shaded sofa with tufted matching wall

3. Avoid the temptation of over cluttering your living room with books and memorabilia’s from all your travel pursuits. These are best kept in your private den or at best your bedroom. Large television sets, music boom boxes or similar gadgets take away the exclusivity of the space and render it more like a multipurpose hall.

big living room with furniture, accessories and decor

5. Natural indoor plants placed in strategic corners add both comfort as well as style. Especially when they are placed near a freestanding water body and strategically lit for maximum effect in the evening. They along with soft upholstered furniture, curtains and thick rugs reduce the [sound] echo within the room to increase the effect.

living room with sheer curtains on the big windows

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Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra is a perpetual student. His passion to design and his deep rooted desire to demystify Indian construction system has seen him as a visiting faculty member with S.P.A.-Delhi for over 8 yrs. He has also authored several ‘How-to’ articles as well as regular 'Q&A' section for ‘Better Interiors’ magazine,. B-Arch [S.P.A.-D], M-Tech [I.I.T.-D]


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