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7 things you should consider before buying a SOFA

October 4, 2017 — by Shuchi Garg


With so much variation on the market, choosing a sofa for your home can be a difficult choice. You must make sure you choose a sofa in a style, fabric and colour you like whilst ensuring it provides adequate seating space and fits to the dimensions of the room.

We’ve put together a list of  7 important sofa buying tips that you should take in to account when shopping for your new sofa.

How will you use your sofa? In many homes, a sofa is primarily used for guests and while in some others it is part of the informal living space. So, if it is to be used in a  multipurpose situation then you can opt for a large sofa with low maintenance fabric like leatherite, if not then you can experiment with white and pastels.

Colour: Beige, brown, black, white are the all-time favourites. But experimenting does not kill you 😝. So, this time try out blue, pink or even orange and bring in some fun.

a bright red fancy sofa

Room Size: The size of your living room or bedroom will decide the size of your sofa. A small sofa in a big space or vice versa would be very unapt. Make up your mind whether you want a sofa covering two sides of the room, placed in a single row or in a half round shape.

leather sofa with wooden table in the livingroom

Shape: You may not be aware of but sofas have too many varieties from three-seater sofa to camel-back sofa and from L shaped to loveseats. Which one is your choice keeping the size in mind. Ya! They two go together.

green velvet L shaped dipped in dark colour

Body: Just like colour and size, choosing the right body of your sofa is as important as budget. Upholstery and leatherite won’t make  much difference but think before buying a wooden sofa with sharp edges, especially if you have little kids and someone like me who just walk with closed eyes and end up hurting my pinky toe all the time.

White L shaped sofa in a simple living room

Fabric: The Fabric you choose for your next sofa is arguably equally as important as the styling. It depends on the preference and the kind of usage you have. For e.g. go for silk fabric if you want a glossy and classy appeal but always remember that it demands  high maintenance. Whereas, upholstery, which including various clothing like floral, velvet, ripped are easier to clean and look equally attractive. There is also a third option, which is leatherite. It is very easy to clean and  it is soft.

an easy minimalist sofa in a blue living room

Comfort: It’s easy to get caught up in how a sofa looks – but don’t forget that a good sofa is comfortable, too. Don’t invest in a sofa unless you are one hundred percent happy with the comfort it brings. Comfort is by far the most important thing you should keep in mind while going shopping. You can determine the comfort of a sofa – by testing the sitting height, back and the depth of the seat.

a green comfy sofa with matching cushions

Author’s personal Experience: I had a headache often while looking for a perfect sofa because there are too many choices. This time I bought a seven seater leatherite sofa. For many reasons; I needed the change, it’s comfortable, easy to maintain and my little toe is safe too. Give it  a try maybe you’ll also find THE ONE for you.

So, if you have any query do share with us!!

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Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg

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