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Add these striking colours to your Outdoor Space

June 8, 2018 — by Shuchi Garg


Though there is nothing like anything that can compete with outdoor beauty, but what if you inject some colour into it? Colour has its own distinct beauty and can easily blend with anything without subtracting your energy and money.

There are various styles that you can try out with your outdoors like we have talked about in our previous blogs gazebo, garden decor or outdoor seating.

So, unleash the hidden talent in you and let your creativity come out of the home and play it under the open sky.

1. First Impression: Is the last impression and the very first thing that people focus on is our entrance. So, give your door and pathway a quirky look with bright colours and welcome your guests with a warm heart.

a quirky and colourful entrance with a wooden pathway and greenery all around

2. Furniture Beauty: Furniture gives an elegant look to the verandah, so give it back the love they deserve by adding bright and lively colours with cushions or mattresses and enjoy a pleasant evening with your family.

blue and off white outdoor cane furniture with tile flooring

3. Floral Fever: I think this is most commonly practised to make your living beautiful. But as it says ‘Nothing worth having comes easy,’ so you need to work hard to retain its beauty all along. But when you do this at your entrance then you won’t need look for anything else.

outdoor flowers , stone flooring, seating space, earthen pots

4. Decor Exquisiteness: Who says plates are only for your dining or indoor wall decoration? Give them some air and let the world know about their beauty.

plates and hanging decor in the outdoor space of the house along with a swing

5. An Eye-Catching Wall: Add a little drama to your lawn with a bright painted wall. To make it more lively you can add some decor elements and see the magic.

a red wall with quirky and colourful decor on it along with tile flooring

6. Colourful Pots: If flowers are not able to upsurge the beauty of your lawn then you need to work a little on your own by brushing your flower pots with some dynamic dyes for a dramatic appeal.

blue wooden flooring, colourful pots, outdoor plants

7. Hang it up! Not satisfied? Want more? Uff! Then, try this one by taking nature’s beauty to a higher level by hanging your flower pots or flower baskets or attaching them to the ceiling. Else, you can keep them on the wall shelves making more of your space.

hanging plants in the porch area with a seating space

8. Tiles Magic: You don’t realise the value of things unless you use them in a designed perfect place, like these tiles. Break the monotony of cemented tiles and marble flooring and go for either a rustic look for a distressed feel or colourful tiles styled in different patterns for a quirky look.

colourful fancy tile flooring in the outdoor lawn area that matches with the furniture

9. Lighting Love: If nothing works out, which I don’t think is possible but even if it would, then experiment with lights. This style never goes out of style. Try some fancy but not so burnished light in the lawn area and enjoy a happy time with your family. The only disadvantage is that it will work in the night time. It’s ok because you may have to lose something to gain something better.

outdoor grey cane furniture along with exciting lighting and a Buddha decor

Now you know all the tricks so go and enjoy the most beautiful and peaceful place of your home. But don’t forget to get inside too!

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Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg is a staff writer in Renomania. She is a young and talented Content Writer who loves writing about home interiors.


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