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Ar. Vaibhav Dimri shares his vision on #FuturisticHomes

December 8, 2017 — by Ar. Vaibhav Dimri


Ar. Vaibhav Dimri

Ar. Vaibhav Dimri

ANAGRAM understands that Architecture contributes to a community and its individuals in a powerful way. Either as a backdrop to the public realm or as a driver conducive to successful businesses, ANAGRAM believes that every building initiative does, and should count. It is this pursuit that drives ANAGRAM’s body of work. We believe in generating unique and progressive solutions to all design challenges. Understanding client requirements and the end user aspirations is very important to our design process, which is why the clients form a very important part of our team of collaborators. A continuous exploration in new materials and technology helps us in ever evolving our design approach and is well reflected in most of our projects. We also undertake self initiated collaboratives with other designers, academics and creative practitioners to enrich and invigorate our own experiences. Adherence to the highest standards of quality and efficiency in delivering, form the core of the ANAGRAM work ethic. The practice works in close collaboration with consultants, clients, vendors and specialist designers while meticulously studying development control guidelines in order to render complete and accurate construction information drawings. Innovation in design and technology is tested through adequate prototyping. From latest development in construction technology to traditional building practices, the work is informed by intensive research and contiguous training. ANAGRAM practises elaborate planning methodology to ensure timely delivery of all projects. The construction industry in India is a complex and vital economic sector albeit characterised by a largely unskilled workforce, lax statutory compliance, low technological innovation and an increasing resource footprint. Therefore, ANAGRAM understands that the key to generating greater value from this sector lies in evolving new paradigms of design and construction that are invested in creating qualitatively better and efficacious environments simultaneous to predictable and consistent project delivery The ability to do this across all scales is one of primary strengths of our practice.


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