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Ar. Vinita Dhawan shares her vision on #FuturisticHomes

September 10, 2018 — by Ar. Vinita Dhawan


Ar. Vinita Dhawan

Ar. Vinita Dhawan

Vinita Dhawan has been an interior designer for the last 25 years. She has completed numerous commercial, residential and hospitality projects across India. Vinita has always had a perfectionist approach in life, where her keen eye for detail reflects through her work. She draws inspiration from her background in art, fashion and designing. Vinita believes in using her distinctly creative imagination to build and shape aesthetic and functional spaces around her that are of timeless appeal underlined by simplicity, leaving behind a legacy for future generations. Drawn towards spatial, minimalistic art, Vinita contours her design with comfort, elegance, playfulness & warmth. Using her vast experience and expertise she intends to continue designing to encourage creativity, provoke curiosity and provide comfort simultaneously.


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