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Are you looking for a perfect pendant light for your breakfast nook?

September 10, 2018 — by Apeksha Grover

Kitchen in luxury home with large center island
Travertine House - Kitchen

Yes, you got it right, I am talking about the modish pendant fixtures that are really high on trend and are much preferred by many contemporary home owners. Pendant fixtures have become a very popular lighting choice for a wide range of rooms.  This looks absolutely fabulous when used at the breakfast nook.

All you need to take care of is that how high they should be hung. Here are some great ways to use them.

1. Fixed right there – At the ceiling, this simple cylindrical pendant lights up the colourful furniture below without too much of light and without coming into the picture. That’s like not interrupting and doing your job perfectly.

colourful dining with pendant lights and light coloured cabinets

2. Inverted glass – With bulbs suspended from a wooden plank fixed above a mini breakfast table cum opening is just excusive and cozy. The series of lights with each pendant being small in size looks proportionate with the mini breakfast arrangement.

pendant lights on the top of a small dining table

3. Metallic cage style duo of pendants suspended from the ceiling, right atop the kitchen island is so very exotic. Especially that goes so well with the metallic elements and sheen all over the kitchen.

black pendant lights in kitchen and breakfast area

4. Half way down to light up the breakfast table, the black drum pendant duo is probably the best lighting fixture choice; one can make for such monochrome settings.

black hanging lights in a black and white kitchen space

5. Brightly lit this statement piece is a standalone stunner that binds the complete space together. Stylish enough, this provides sufficient light and the perfect amount of ambience too!

Interior design: Big Modern Living room and kitchen

6. A perfect trio – On the island are a great décor and lighting alternative for providing adequate brightness while enhance the breakfast table design. Perfect statement in this eclectic dining space

wooden breakfast nook with small hanging lights

7. The nickel rimmed pendant duo is both stylish & totally dramatic; it is a wonderful choice here, echoing the characteristic spirit of the monochrome kitchen design, creating a cohesive look.

black and white breakfast table with classic pendant lights

8. Modern statement – 20 inches above the table, this inverted conical trio suspended from the ceiling right in front of a rustic-brick-clad wall adds an incredible spark, elegance and sculpture.

traditional style kitchen with small hanging lights

9. Pendants branching out from the same base, three of these pendants hung on the tray ceiling in the center of a room, right over the table, it creates a dramatic look that is also functional and totally chic.

Kitchen in luxury home with large center island

10. A centerpiece with one major featuring pendant and four full bloomed flowers branching out is an incredibly brilliant creation that adds so much floral beauty and light on all four sides of the table.

wooden breakfast nook with traditional hanging lights

Lights, camera, action and you are sure to notice these picture perfect pendants that are classic, crisp, clean, modular and so very trendy.

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