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CURTAINS – A Drape Style for your Windows

January 14, 2016 — by Renomania Design Team


The furniture, the upholstery, the colour combination of the walls and Lighting of the room, great add flavour to the theme that’s been nurtured in a Living Space. Out of these ornamental ensembles, curtains happen to form a very integral part when it comes to lending character to your place. Along with privacy element, curtains have now extended their presence as a statement of style and class. One needs to play around with colour, prints and fabrics while making the curtains of your Living Area. Here are a few ways that can help you choose the right curtains and change the look of your dwelling.

Use lace and chiffon as fabric to do your balconies. It will help you retain the sunlight coming in and yet add privacy to your place while you sip your evening tea.


Use curtain blinds in neutral shade if the area gets way too much of the sunlight.


If your room is too much decked up in heavy and dark coloured furnishings then it is always advisable to have curtains with sober patterns and neutral colours.

luxury dining room with nice decoration and furniture

Brightly coloured curtains can add a twist to the whole look if the upholstery and interiors of the room is kept sober and serene.

ELIVRA000465-[flickr]-cassandra lavalle 27

Self-embroidered and lace fabrics can be used to cover empty spaces or Puja Ghar in your house. It further enhances the serenity of the place.


If your house is getting too much of sunlight through the day, you can block and insulate the heating effect by choosing the right curtain liner. Curtain liners are available for the purpose of black out and thermal control. It also increases the durability of your curtains.


Metallic textures such as satin can add a dash of sophistication and warmth to your room.

M-I-TIHG-2006-12-Green house_DSC1282 copy

Brightly coloured floral or cartoon prints are the best to choose from, while doing a Kid’s Room.

Kids Room With A Green Tent

Heavy brocaded patterns in combing fabrics can add luxury and class to your lavish Living Room.


Curtains used in contrasting colours along with vertical/horizontal stripes help in adding a chic and cool twist to your lounging area.


Changing the curtains of your home is the most economical way of renovating the place. One can still go with the same furniture and yet give a fresh twist to the room. One can say for sure that the curtains are magic wands when it comes to Interior Decor.



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