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Feel the royalty of this Pune Home in India

December 2, 2017 — by Shuchi Garg



Oh, story blog. Not again! Actually, I am too bored of seeing those similar style homes with a bit of change in themes and colours. But this is different and I am serious. I am not acting like a movie’s director, but this is really different. This home belongs to a ROYAL FAMILY from Pune but before you make up a picture in your mind, let me first clarify that Royal doesn’t always mean, a big house or heavy furniture, it is the presence of the owner that makes it majestic.

Unlike other big homes, this home is located amid the big city surrounded by both natural beauty and people. Still, there is something more about this home than the name.

Starting with the facade. This imperial villa has everything, from beautiful car parking, to a big lawn for enjoying your morning cuppa coffee and play area for your kids. It is designed with light colours and a canopy to keep your water blockage problems away.

facade with roof top and car parking

Also like my other story blogs, the rooms are not clearly defined so we will go slowly into the details of each room.

Great lobby space dividing each room elegantly. The living room is guided with subtle shades and easy lighting along with dark hues of furniture. Plus, the ethnic looking decor with a touch of metal is adding elegance to the room.

brown sofa with decor and lobby space

A striking entrance with big marble stairs, made me wonder what are they designed for? Walking or sitting, but who cares? All we care about is a pretty small open window for the outside view and a big mirror on the other side, for admiring yourself.

marble stairs with a mirror and plants

Ok! Let’s get into everybody’s favourite room, which is the most stylish room of any home, the living room. Decorated with a 3.5-sided dark brown sofa, with matching wooden furniture and a Lion skinned wall decal (hope not real!), creating a perfect environment for you to sit back and relax.

living room with brown sofa and a wooden table

And then you go upstairs, a walk to heaven. Simple marble staircase with fancy yet elegant handles, making your each step a way to majestic beauty. The view from the top of the staircase to the interior of the home is simply stunning.

marble stairs with railing and white wall

Moving to the dining room, which is simple and big, yet stylish. A 10-seater dining table, makes space for everyone. The matching colours of ceiling, flooring, and curtains, is pleasing to the eye. And if this does not sound inviting enough, you can enjoy your breakfast in the lobby which is surrounded with lots of plants, to make you feel amidst nature.

10 seater dining table with marble flooring and brown curtains

a small dining table with plants in the lobby

And this is the place, where you can enjoy the best of both the worlds, the terrace with wooden flooring, where you can sit and feel the air and enjoy the beauty of nature from both the sides.

terrace with wooden flooring and plants

Going to the last part, the bathroom, you’ll notice a trendy black washbasin on the wooden counter top, along with a fancy mirror and an attached , separate toilet.

wooden counter top with a black counter top and a mirror

So, this was the Royal home, located in Pune, designed by Mita Joshi Architects. Keep tuned in, to Renomania, for more story blogs.

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Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg is a staff writer in Renomania. She is a young and talented Content Writer who loves writing about home interiors.


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