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Free Flowing Ideas for LIGHTING UP your KITCHEN

December 22, 2015 — by Navneet Malhotra


Efficient Lighting adds a ‘wow’ factor and a fascinating visual detail to any space. You surely can have a Light installed at every nook & corner of your abode, but you surely need to pick out the best Lighting fixtures for the heart of your home – the Kitchen. Classy chandeliers, pretty pendants to attractive wall sconces, under-cabinet lighting, overhead, glass front shelves, lighted display in a cabinetry for you to flaunt your finest goblets, you must pick what’s pleasing to the eye.

Cabinets, shelves, countertops, appliances, fixtures or even the sink – a perfect marriage of lighting and overall interiors, lends a timeless finish to every facet of the Kitchen. Alongwith an easy reach to Storage spaces, ingredients, hi-tech equipment, cooking apparatus and excellent culinary skills, it is also very important to have a well-lit Kitchen. Not only does a well lit Kitchen create enhanced visibility, it also constructs an accurate personality and character, helping you display your culinary traits, without much of an effort.

woody traditional kitchen, tiled backsplash

The Lighting scheme for the kitchen is defined in three ways –

1. Ambient Lighting – for illumination of the entire space

2. Accent Lighting – for visual expansion

3. Task Lighting – for special focus on the action areas like the kitchen counter or the sink

Kitchen in luxury home with island and breakfast nook

Ambient Lighting – Tips & Techniques

1. Do not use just one type of Lighting fixture, style or pattern. Try layering.

2. Make space for natural Light to flow in your Kitchen that works well with the ambient light during daytime.

3. Cherry pick Lighting accessories that are attractive well as energy efficient.

4. Playful & Dramatic – If you have the luxury of space as well as height, chandeliers go well with big and Spacious Kitchens.

5. Chic & Useful – Ceiling concealed fixtures look perfect in a Small Kitchen.

accent lighting in modern kitchen, light green painted walls

Accent Lighting – Tips & Techniques

1. Accent lighting can be used to soften hard edges like that of a giant refrigerator or a stone countertop.

2. Cabinet lights are simply the best, to spruce up your glass shelves.

3. Toe-kicks (lights installed at the skirting level), not only accentuate the floor but also come with adhesive backing for easy installation.

4. Each Light source should be adjustable in terms of intensity and angles, so that you can play around and create the ambiance of your choice.

task lighting in white kitchen, ceiling lights

Task Lighting – Tips & techniques

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth – keep task lighting accessories clutter free.

2. White makes your Kitchen look larger, under-cabinet LEDs blend beautifully with white cabinetry.

3. Pick recessed Lighting with adjustable trims for seamless attention towards the Kitchen task.

4. Light fixtures with narrow beam work well for the purpose of task lighting as compared to wide angled lights.

Modern  kitchen

Modern kitchen interior, wooden breakfast table

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Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra is a perpetual student. His passion to design and his deep rooted desire to demystify Indian construction system has seen him as a visiting faculty member with S.P.A.-Delhi for over 8 yrs. He has also authored several ‘How-to’ articles as well as regular 'Q&A' section for ‘Better Interiors’ magazine,. B-Arch [S.P.A.-D], M-Tech [I.I.T.-D]

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