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Futuristic homes are here for a comfy lifestyle!

April 11, 2018 — by Sabeena Khanna


The era of ‘Internet of Things’ has helped us to be connected to the world at all times. The desire to stay connected has led to innovations that help in being connected to our homes too and have a complete control on it. Comfort, convenience, safety and energy conservation are just a matter of a touch with the evolved Home Automation systems.

Home automation has moved beyond video door phones and other security features. The smart technology today includes motion sensors that are capable of programming lights, air conditioning, curtains and window blinds and other home electricals like water heaters. Also, there are light sensors that can help in saving energy like lighting pre-sets can turn lights on at not more than 75% brightness. This helps in extending bulb life and using far less electricity, which are much needed tools to help conserve the environment. There are also innovations such as ‘smart windows.’

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These allow an automatic tint on sunny days to block heat & glare and adjust the same on overcast days. It is a sustainable upgrade, highlighting better user interface with the building.

Furthermore, integrating Home Automation systems into our homes is a smart way of gaining control of almost all home functions with a touch on the Controller. In case you are away, your smart phone too can become the Controller. The technological advancements have also made it simpler to easily insert Home Automation system in to the fabric of your existing homes. Wirefree Home Automation Modules by brands like Crabtree can help you insert miniaturized modules in to the current wiring and switches of your homes to convert your home in to a smart, futuristic home.

The hospitality project, ‘The Umrao’, a boutique hotel in Delhi, is a great example of how one can use Home Automation at commercial properties as well. At ‘The Umrao’, the integration of energy-efficient, smart technology into the services network via motion sensors for corridor, guest room lighting and guest room air-conditioning plays a key role in enhancing the overall guest experience. Smart cards for guest room access also adds a layer of security to enhance guest confidence.

Home Automation systems with better technology and simple human interface are expected to lead the market in times to come. These will lead towards creating futuristic homes that are luxurious, comfortable, convenient, secure and eco-friendly. So get ready to experience a smarter lifestyle in your futuristic homes and let your heart say, ‘Oh! What A Life.’

Author: Architect Sabeena Khanna – Studio K.I.A


Sabeena Khanna

Sabeena Khanna

Creative head of the Studio KIA, Ar. Sabeena leads an energetic & enthusiastic team through inspiration, vision and leadership. An architecture critic and designer, she is the master – mind behind each project undertaken.


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