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Home Automation in India

December 18, 2017 — by Ar. Smirati Bhatnagar


In today’s day and age, technology is ubiquitous in our lives – our smartphones, tablets and laptops often feel like an extension of our own self. Several technology companies are flourishing in India, making India the fastest growing tech-hub in the world. This has driven the nation’s economic growth by creating jobs and helped increase popular access to resources, education, and healthcare. Lifestyles have evolved and improved too, as a result of falling poverty levels. India is the second most connected country in the world, in terms of population, providing internet access to almost 350 million people. Now that the entire world seems to be at our fingertips, the time is ripe for increased integration of smart technology with our daily chores. We envision our homes merely as places of shelter. What if we augment the tranquillity of our homes with a slice of technology that lets them be much more to us than a lifeless concrete box?  Imagine a home that also takes care of you!

Picture this: You’ve been working through the night, preparing for an early morning meeting. You wake up late and have no time to wait for the water heater to warm the water. You rush your bath with cold water, dress up quickly, grab a toast, miss your morning coffee, and leave home. You take a cab, and in five minutes, begin to feel that same old anxious pull: Something is wrong! Did I leave the gas on? Did I turn the lights off? Did I lock the windows? And oh, I forgot to water the plants, again! You’re left with two options now: either you let your anxiety pester you throughout the day, or you rush back home to check.

With home automation systems in place, however, the same story would unfold in a vastly different way. The water heater would switch itself on ten minutes before your alarm goes off and the coffeemaker five minutes after that. Your home could analyse prevailing weather to regulate the ambience and temperature of the house, to decide when to water the plants, and to control when to switch on the porch lights in the evening. The electrical appliances would automatically turn off the moment you shut the main door and activate the security system using your smartphone. You would be able to focus on your work throughout the day as the feeling of something being wrong would no longer haunt you. In the evening, you would return to a house that would welcome you with warmth and a freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen.

Home automation has been around for many decades in terms of lighting, simple appliance control and security systems. It has only recently caught up with the idea of an interconnected world that allows full control of your home from anywhere on the planet. The latest technological advancements make it possible to holistically regulate a device: how it should respond, when it should respond, and why it should respond. Furthermore, the systems available today are remarkably smart as they can learn user habits. This makes it possible for them to predict requirements in the absence of clear instructions.

The homes of the future, beyond miniscule of doubts, will be augmented by digital ears, digital eyes, and a resourceful ‘mind’ of their own. They will possess the ability to make our lives more efficient and comfortable than it ever was. In India where everyone is in a hurry, but always late, we urgently need to de-clutter our lives to increase our comfort, productivity and quality of life. This is a job that home automation could do the best! With digital automation, thus, there truly will be ‘no place like home’.


Ar. Smirati Bhatnagar

Ar. Smirati Bhatnagar

One of the lead project designers at DFI, Smirati"s key strength lies in conceptualizing the project and meeting the client"s expectations and requirements during its early stages. Her interior design background and great attention to details and aesthetics, ensures a final product of unparalleled standards. She has worked in the designs and planning of the award winning projects like MSWT.


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