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How do I select the right marble?

June 9, 2018 — by Navneet Malhotra


There are 5 easy ways to select the right Marble:

1. CRACKS in stone are natural and undesirable. They show easily on the surface when water is poured on the front face of the stone.

2. To ensure a SOUND investment, knock on the stone with another hard stone. A good dense marble gives a clear ringing noise.

3. To avoid the seller’s NET, look out for slabs with a net [patched up broken stone] stuck on one face of the same. This is unavoidable in some foreign stones. In case you fall in love with its colour, try and make flooring patterns with smaller sizes as cracks may appear in bigger stones due to their inadequate strength.

4. To avoid shabby floors, always pick up stone for the chosen area from the same ‘LOT’ [all slices of stones from the same block/thappi of stone]. Pre-cut stone pieces are always cut out from different ‘Lots’ or thappis.

5. Avoid stone slabs with rot like patches, tiny holes or spots that represent embedded particles of foreign matter (they come out on grinding and create holes ) and very odd shape stones that are difficult to dress into a uniform size.

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Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra is a perpetual student. His passion to design and his deep rooted desire to demystify Indian construction system has seen him as a visiting faculty member with S.P.A.-Delhi for over 8 yrs. He has also authored several ‘How-to’ articles as well as regular 'Q&A' section for ‘Better Interiors’ magazine,. B-Arch [S.P.A.-D], M-Tech [I.I.T.-D]


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