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IoT – The Future of Designing Spaces

December 5, 2017 — by Intrigue Designs


Living in the age of high-tech lifestyles where connectivity is paramount and technology is constantly changing whether, at home or work, Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in designing a space for every architect. Though, the IoT is evolving and not yet mainstream; it’s not surprising to mention that we as architects are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the energy usage and impact on the environment. Home automation has been around for many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control in design, but it has recently caught up with the idea of an interconnected world, allowing full control of a house from anywhere to become a reality. Controlling and automating just about every device and appliance within a house is the kind of convenience IoT brings with which it is not only safe but also energy efficient in the long run.

In the past, buildings were typically heated and cooled throughout. Smart systems that manage lighting, temperature, air quality levels and which can enable or disable controlled zones have revolutionized building management systems.

Gone are the days when home lighting was simply a set of incandescent globes controlled by a different on/off switch in each room. Today, LED technology and smart lighting dynamically control the light in your house. Thermostats, alarm systems, smoke detectors, doorbell, and refrigerators have always been networked, but changes from set traditional systems to an exposed new age tech incorporations are now pacing up, taking the grass root from our cities as well.

Localized or isolated control devices have made the integration of automation possible in renovation projects also. For instance, in one of our renovation projects, the client wanted the comfort of controlling all the ‘High Energy Consumption’ devices through his phone. Since it was only a renovation, he wanted to avoid the hassle of getting a wired system. To resolve this issue, local wireless adapters were installed with geysers, air conditioners, etc. and were connected to wireless devices. This enabled the client to schedule devices   , switch off, and switch on all these devices remotely.

At a larger scale, Greenfield is a project that we built from scratch where we integrated automation from the beginning. Fenestration control, lighting control, temperature control, and security systems; everything is automated and programmed to the comfort level of the user. Apart from the ease of controlling everything, automating the service system in a house makes the modern day home energy conscious.

Better management of energy, water, transportation, and safety is bringing people in closer touch with their surroundings and capturing our imaginations for urban bliss – a fully integrated, smart, sustainable city. This is what also denotes the “what a life” emotion aptly for us. Our approach for home building should be a collaborative one, starting with the development of a brief that captures all of the design elements that are most important to the client. This brief then forms the basis for the selection of the most suitable systems that work together to bring a futuristic yet realistic design in place.

Architects: Ar. Nehit Vij and Ar. Devyani Gupta

Text: Ar. Himani Ahuja


Intrigue Designs

Intrigue Designs

Devyani Gupta : Devyani commenced her Architecture studies from Sushant School of Architecture-New Delhi and then went on to IAAC Barcelona in 2012 for a Masters in Digital Architecture-Emergent Territories. The influence of both these programs has accentuated the concept of Design with space utilization amalgamated with the exposure to new materials & technology for Devyani which she incorporates in her designs. Devyani being the co-Founder of Intrigue Designs; believes in progressive architecture and gives high weightage to landscape design beyond mere designing of a built form. Under her leadership the firm has established several local and international alliances thus bringing innovative techniques and design practices to the firm that are global in nature yet customized to the local needs. A reader, photographer and an avid traveller – Devyani visualizes architecture in a progressive light and has a vision to bring new reforms to stagnant architecture trends in India. Nehit Vij : Graduating from Sushant School of Architecture-New Delhi in 2009, Nehit is the Founder Partner of Intrigue Designs. The influence of everyday things have formulated his thinking to create “Good Designs” which can be achieved through a sustainable framework of an evolutionary practice. Through the course of his childhood, he was always ‘intrigued’ on how every design with an appropriate solution made life simpler and this effective problem-solving philosophy paved a way for him towards Architecture. He started working at an early age, learning the intricacies of design deeply. He is a firm believer of 'learning by doing' and drives his inspiration from the likes of 'Architect Geoffrey bawa'. His passion for passive – close to nature designs is reflected in his design philosophy. He spearheads a team of creative professionals whose comprehensive design expertise lends unique creativity to each project undertaken by the firm. Nehit’s creative intellect and talent goes beyond designing a building. He is also a Studio Musician and plays string instruments for bands based in New Delhi. He quotes with clarity that 'God is in Details' and good architecture and good music is a necessity. The future holds a vision of venturing in product designing along with Architecture.


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