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Let FLOORS Have Some Fun!

August 31, 2016 — by Ritu M

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Bring home the trend, with Patterned Flooring that brings art and warmth underfoot. Creating floors that demand attention, these carefully curated addition to the room are worthwhile.

Urban-contemporary the simple striped pattern in a light and dark tone on the floor offers a style element that defines your subtle personality and refined choice.

a big bedroom with patterned flooring and fancy lights

Visually interesting, the Patterned-Geometric diamond motif on the floor in this bed-chamber is soft and Neutral. With all the right hues mixed together, the floor binds the complete space together.

carpet, bedroom, pattern flooring, wooden wardrobes

Very simple, the rustic floors and high windows settles perfectly with the bed. Offering a serene and naturally pleasing feel, this Boudoir displays a unique character.

large bedroom with hanging lights, big mirror, pattern flooring

The mini squares on the floor and the circular feature on the Ceiling sets an atmosphere of beautiful contrast and brings in a touch of warmth, offering an inviting appeal you are sure to fall in love with this Patterned Flooring.

cove ceiling lights, pattern flooring, rug, big bedroom

Sleek and sophisticated, the Patterned Flooring does not take away that special element of liveliness from the rest of the room. The interplay of small chess-board pattern squares on larger beige-brown ones looks amazing in this Traditional setting.

traditional wooden bed with pattern flooring, yellow walls

The muted Patterned Floor design idea makes this a perfect choice for the Bedroom. This not only works beautifully with the contemporary bed setting but also offers a flawless look.

blue and white shaded bedroom with white walls and wrought iron bed

A very happy mix of pattern and the Tangy Colour on the floor and around lets this fun-loving look and funky feel flow freely in the Bedroom. The Persian Rug adds to the pattern and colour scheme.

orange and yellow shaded bedroom with patterned flooring

Pleasing to the eye, this floor design syncs in harmony with rest of the bedroom. The abstract blending of hues sets a pattern on floor that is both crafty and eclectic.

brown and white bed with ceiling lights and pattern flooring

Introduce a chic-contemporary feel to your Bedroom interiors with intricately decorative flooring that displays a striking charm, also adding oodles of charisma and allure to this room.

a stylish yet minimalist bed with patterned flooring and walls

Take your style notches higher with Patterned Floors that combines pattern and hues together in a mesmerizing manner, taking your bed chamber towards ultimate beauty.

From various colours, patterns to textures, you must pick the style of floor that is neither too sterile nor too fussy. Patterns that are good to look at and go well with the surrounds must be used as a base to set a beautiful contrast with everything placed atop.

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