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Persona #1 – Warm Hearted and Quality Driven

March 10, 2018 — by Dulux


We live in a world of unpredictability, unsure of what the news may bring from one day to the next.

To help understand the different ways consumers are responding to unpredictability, Akzonobel has identified three audience types/personas, through extensive research.

Whilst consumers may resonate more with a particular audience type (and colour palette), we recognize that consumers’ needs can change from one day to the next, as can their colour choices.

Colour Palette

However, our Colour of the Year “Heartwood” truly resonates with all the persona types.

One of the personas is “Warm – Hearted”. They are Quality-driven, conscientious, thoughtful and grounded. let’s read further to understand how their expectations from their homes, technology is the reason they seek a comforting home.

SHELTER / The Warm-hearted person responds to unpredictability in the outside world by enveloping themselves in their home. They draw on the comfort that their home provides to help them reconnect with themselves. For them, home is a secure and reassuring place – somewhere to shut out the noise and re-centre.

TECHNOLOGY / Technology is used minimally and simply. The Warm-hearted person is risk averse and a cautious adopter of the latest advances, always prioritising security over innovation. At home they use the tech staples of our age; tablets, laptops and smartphones, to update themselves on news, contact friends and family and make price comparisons before investing in a big-ticket purchase.

NATURE / With a wholesome respect for nature, this person brings the outdoors into their home through neat pot plants, micro-plants displayed in terrariums and soft furnishings featuring plant motifs. Nature is reflected in a contained and controlled way.

RELATIONSHIPS / When it comes to relationships, quality is prioritised over quantity. This person has long-established friendships that combine people they have met in formative years at school, university and in their early careers. They enjoy modest yet meaningful get-togethers of carefully-selected groups of friends who share the same ethos.

FOOD / Food is a comfort and a pleasure. It is shopped-for conscientiously from local smallbusiness suppliers, weekend food markets and ethical retailers. As a supporter of the Slow- Food movement, this person prepares meals using premium, fuss-free ingredients.

INTERIOR / Aesthetics and function carry equal merit in the Warm-hearted person’s generously-sized home. Here, the beautiful is effortlessly balanced with the useful. This person gravitates towards comforting hardwoods and tactile textures such as velvet and leather, which are elevated with metallic accents. They invest in mid-century modern originals and regularly attend design fairs and auction houses.

WORK / For the Warm-hearted, a job is for life. For that reason, they seek professions with security – a steady income and a clear career path within a company and profession that is unlikely to be impacted by technological advances and social trends. They maintain boundaries in their work-life balance and leave their work at work, rather than bring it home.

TRANSPORT / The Warm-hearted person places great value in their choice of car. It is a premium brand with leather seating and the best spec they can afford. The interior of this vehicle is another space for them to call their own.

To help us understand the different ways consumers are responding to the current mood of unpredictability, we considered three personas. However, we know that our consumers can be more than one of these personas at any one time.



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