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Persona #3 – Light Hearted

March 28, 2018 — by Dulux


SHELTER / The Light-hearted person responds to times of unpredictability by looking outwards, rather than shutting off. For them, home is a platform to launch creative ideas and plans for the future. Their living space gives them the confidence that they have the inner resources to meet any unpredictability that the outside world brings.

TECHNOLOGY / They are early adopters of new technology and the first to try out a new device, app or piece of software. Their operating systems are always upgraded and technology is integrated seamlessly in their home, with systems connected and operable remotely. The Light-hearted person is not concerned with privacy, preferring to focus instead on advancement, efficiency and experience.

NATURE / Spending so much time in the great outdoors means the Light-hearted person brings the energy of the outside world into their home. Plants are never stiff or formal, they are low maintenance and allowed to grow freely across bookshelves and free-standing storage.

RELATIONSHIPS / The Light-hearted person’s openness means their friendships span different cultures and diversities. They naturally seek out relationships beyond the binaries of gender, faith and sexuality, and are happy to meet new people online.

nude colured wall with shelves

FOOD / Convenience is king when it comes to meal times. They buy ingredients and groceries from mini-supermarkets en-route to their next appointment, but often resort to takeaways from street-food vans or pop-ups. When the Light-hearted person does cook, it is an act of experimentation – perhaps trying out a recipe that they picked up on their latest adventure.

INTERIOR / Their compact interior is multi-functional and invigorating. Space-saving solutions ensure there is a place for everything, from single-gear bikes hanging on the wall, to easy-fold dining tables that double up as desks. Textures are natural and low-key, while patterns are fun and uncomplicated. This person searches social channels for decor inspiration, and often shares their own design hacks, too.

WORK / The line between work and play has long disappeared for the Light-hearted, and their peripatetic work ethic means they can do their working day at any location, from coffee shops to desk rentals. They often juggle more than one career at a time, and their versatility means they find motivation and inspiration in a variety of professions and sectors.

TRANSPORT / Bicycles are the first choice of the Light-hearted person. Helmet and high-vis on, grab the bike and out of the door. If it is too far to cycle, then they will quickly jump on public transport.



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