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Planning to redesign your Mandir? Read this first!!

October 8, 2018 — by Navneet Malhotra


In most of the Indian houses, the day often starts with praying to God. Meditation, chanting mantras or just folding hands/bowing down, has become our habit and that’s why Puja Room has some positive vibrations which can be felt in the entire house. Puja room is considered the holiest place of the house. But what makes it this way? We’ll learn today!

1. Orientation: Though I don’t understand Vastu and direction much but my elders always used to say that a Puja room should be in the north or in the east direction. Whereas, your front should be towards the south or east, so that you face the rising sun, as you pray in the morning.

white mandir in a drawing room with idols

2. Location: There are few things that you should always keep in mind while designing your Puja room, i.e., never design the wall of the puja room in such a way, that it is attached to the toilet or closer to the main door or a place where there is a lot of movement, so as to avoid disturbance in your meditation area.

a small puja room with idols and paintings

3. Size Matters: Of course, size depends upon the space of your room and budget, but what about the requirement? That depends on how many times or how much do you interact with your deity? Or do you pray alone or with the family? Or do you prefer standing or sitting while praying? All these factors also add up to the size of your Puja room.

simple puja room with cabinets and idols

4. Make your own space: What if you do not have a separate praying space? Though most of the constructed houses provide a separate small room which can either be converted into a Mandir or a store room. A small corner in your bedroom or where there is a lesser movement, you can make your Puja room there.

a small puja room with a counter and idols

5. Lighting: Lighting can add depth and feel to any room. But too much bling can also destroy the look, making you feel uncomfortable while meditating. A small light on the top of an idol or a soothing CFL on the wall would be enough. Even if you want to try fancy bulbs, make sure that they do not face you directly.

small puja room with lighting, idols and paintings

6. Storage: Puja room should be clean and free from any hotch potch. Therefore, a small storage is a must in the Puja room to keep all the essentials like Kumkum, roli, cotton, camphor, etc, but make sure that the size should not exceed more than 1/3 of the total size of the Puja room, otherwise you will start calling it a store room.

bright puja room corner with paintings and accessories

7. The Look: The look totally depends on you, whether you want a big, a small, a fancy or a minimalist Puja room. Still, there are few things every Puja room owner should know about. You might not know that the walls get damaged with marks after a certain period of time with oil marks and incense causing rustic ambiance to your walls. So, for that, you can go for granite, vitreous tiles, glass or engineered stone for your Puja room to always look clean and pretty.

white big elegant puja room with big idols and cushions

I hope this will help you in creating a pious room in your home. Try them out and if you have something more to share with us, do write back to us. But before that, don’t forget to like, comment and share below. Stay updated for more such inspiring blogs on Renomania.

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Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra is a perpetual student. His passion to design and his deep rooted desire to demystify Indian construction system has seen him as a visiting faculty member with S.P.A.-Delhi for over 8 yrs. He has also authored several ‘How-to’ articles as well as regular 'Q&A' section for ‘Better Interiors’ magazine,. B-Arch [S.P.A.-D], M-Tech [I.I.T.-D]


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