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Quirky DIY – Scratch and Surprise!

March 18, 2017 — by Shuchi Garg


Hello, My Creativity lovers!

How are you all? We are in our A-Z series and today we’ll learn something with Q, so the first word that came to my mind is something Quirky. We have done so many DIYs for our homes from key chain holders to headboard making, to the colourful mason jars; it’s time for some more fun.

All you need is:

1. Liquid dish wash like Pril

2. Silver acrylic paint

3. A transparent tape

4. Paint brush

5. And of course, a paper/card on which you wanna scratch off.

goinghometoroost A

Let’s start:

1. Take a card and write a secret text in a small space . This is the scratch off space. The text could be anything from a cute little message or any secret.

blogspot 2 A

2. Then take your transparent tape and stick it on that ‘scratch off’ area. Make sure that the tape doesn’t come off the ‘scratch off ‘ section.

3. Now, take 1 part of dish soap and mix it well with 2 part of silver acrylic paint (you can even go for your favourite colour, I chose silver to give it a real look) and apply it on the taped scratch area of your card, using a paint brush.

paint the scratch card using the paint brush using silver colour

4. Wait for some time to let it dry and then apply another coat on it and then another so you could get the perfect look like a real scratch card.

Once it dries , try it out. Scratch the area …. Share and reveal secret messages or surprises with your friends.

now scratch the silver portion and reveal the secret

You know? It’s not just fun but easy too; you can create any secret message for birthdays to a new year and this is a great activity for the summer holidays .

Hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you do, then don’t forget to like and share your love with your friends and family. See you next week with a new idea. Tadaa!!

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Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg

Shuchi Garg is a staff writer in Renomania. She is a young and talented Content Writer who loves writing about home interiors.

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