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Redefine bathing experience with Automated Bathrooms

June 7, 2018 — by Kapil Aggarwal


Gone are the days when bathrooms were the least important part of the house; the frosty unheated rooms where one had a quick wash and the brushing of teeth. Something remarkable has happened over the last decade or so, where bathrooms have become sleek and sexy spaces to spend some time in. Bathrooms have undergone a new revolution in terms of their designs and also get allocated a substantial budget vis-à-vis other spaces in the house. The traditional bathrooms have been replaced by a more welcoming and pleasurable space that can match any luxury spa. Here, an architect’s assertion lies in designing a bathroom that efficiently utilizes space, while bringing out a sense of spaciousness and grandeur.

In the modern day context, the bathroom is an important relaxation zone for people. Today’s bathrooms focus more than ever on Indulgence. Everything from the ambient scent to light levels and music can be aligned to taste, mood or even time of the day. These bathrooms become private retreats from the world, created to allow for an escape into a warm, gentle cocoon of pleasure, soothing our senses and restoring calm in our lives. Transparency in space, volume developments with innovative and functional fixture designs have changed the outlook towards bathroom designs. Also, there are a many more materials available in the market in terms of cladding, flooring, ceiling etc. that cater to all sections of the community.

As technology transforms our lives, it also alters the way we look at our bathroom and what we consider to be bath necessities. One of the most cherished byproduct of modern technology in bathrooms is automation. Imagine walking into a bathroom and seeing the lights turn on without any action on your part. As one walks towards the toilet, the seat lifts automatically and maintains an ambient temperature so that the user sits comfortably on it. Washing your hands becomes easy with an automatic sensor under the tap, and getting a refreshing bath while watching your favorite show.

Bathroom automation has come a long way in the past few years. Here are some of the bathroom automation systems that are making news nowadays:

1. Digital Shower Interface:

There are many products available today that can turn your shower into a spa with a digital interface that lets you select and adjust water temperature with the touch of a button, run a warm-up program that notifies you when the water has reached your desired temperature, adjust water flow rate, and select massaging or pulsing spray patterns.

2. Automated Bath:

The Electronic Toilet: Technology installed in toilets can do a lot of things, like save water, keep your seat warm, move the lid with a motion sensor, stop the need for paper, with automatic water spritzing, and cleaning itself.

Radiant Floor: Radiant floor heating is all the rage in high-end bathrooms. Under floor mats, it can turn the chilly stone or tile flooring into a surface that keeps your feet warm.

Entertainment Center: This includes refrigerated bathroom cabinets that can keep medicines cool or store cold drinks, the LCD shower panels that let you control shower temperature, water flow, steam, music and chromotherapy, waterproof TV, and so on.

As technology transforms our lives, it’s also transforming the way we look at our bathrooms and what we consider to be bath necessities. A decent bathroom is very important to our lives as it is the place where we start and end our day. Therefore, getting the vibe right to make this first foray a good one is crucial.


Kapil Aggarwal

Kapil Aggarwal

KAPIL AGGARWAL did his B.Arch in 1996 from MIT, Manipal and worked for 3 years with architectural office. He has an inclination for fine arts since childhood. He considers himself an artist turned into an architect, and considers his project an extension of his art form, his renovated house a reflection of his self where each space has been considered as a canvas frame. He has won 32 International and National awards in last few years, with Asharshila Vatika School being featured in Atlas of World Architecture among few selected works from India, also the project has won Design Share Awards 2008, on awarded for innovative learning Environment, only Asian firm to win in this category. Sachdeva Farmhouse being winning entry in the World Architecture Community 18th cycle, becoming the only Indian project to be selected in voting by honorary judges. Architect's own Office was a finalist in the World Inside Festival 2014 in office category and Spaces Architects@ka was selected in Architectural Digest - AD50, 50 Most influential names in Architecture and Design for 2015. He has been working on projects carrying from furniture designing to corporate building schools, residence, restoration projects.


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