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Shabby Chic home with an Elegant tad !

August 8, 2018 — by Vaishali Nagpal

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Hello sugar cups,

I am back with a new journey to the chic and well-dressed home. Previously we discussed vintage, bohemian and many more, so this time, I thought of discussing something which is just spik-and-span, I mean it’s like absolutely neat and smart.

Here we go,

The first word which comes in my mind is just WOW! This dual combination of living and dining stands out well. Here we can see that a black leather sofa and brown wooden paneling complements the white walls really well. Hey, did you notice that red and black runner and that striped rug? They look so pretty and they actually complete the room.

white living room with dark furniture and stunning ceiling lighting

Looking forward to the opposite side of the previous room, the greyish flooring and white sparkling false ceiling balance the room to keep the look bright, while a foldable dining table adds a little modern touch to the room. Grey hues are very much visible in this image.

white dining table, dark furniture, ceiling light and elegant living room

Seating nook! This looks so cool. Lime colour when teamed up with dark shades can truly brighten up the space. These end tables with green hues on their top give the nature feel to the room. And how can we forget these blinds, which are actually dressing up the summery windows and realizing us that summers are here….

 dark tufted sofa with a grey sofa and a wooden table

These little lamps are really pretty. The colour combinations used in these spaces are commendable, like in the left picture, silver lamp overhead the black chair while white and brown presents the perfect backdrop to both the decor, and in the right one, mauve dominates the black lamp and the lime mattress, but overall both the images can be called picture-perfect.

a small black chair with a lamp on the top and wall niche
a white cushion in a black, brown wall and a side lamp

A round of applause for this powerful combination of black and white kitchen, here the glossy black backsplash gives the classy look to the white matte cabinets, and the under cabinet lighting is the icing on the cake as it defines the term elegant.

a black elegant kitchen with ceiling lights and light shaded cabinets

Who says no to black? By looking at this, I think black is pure love for this designer. A pop of bright colour like yellow, white, grey, and blue adds up a life to this black bedroom.

a wooden looking bedroom with colourful cushions and stunning wall painting

A black and white multi-functional desk which gives you the look of both dressing and study tables at the same time, and I like it, as it is a nice idea to be used when you only have a space for one. Did I forget to mention that I loved these cute bangle stands, what about you?

a modern stylish table lamp on a dressing table with a big mirror

This image is a best example for those who want TV in their rooms but doesn’t have much space for it; this TV niche not only gives you a space for your TV, but also gives a modern look to the entire room.

white wall in a bedroom along with a matching study table

While observing this bathroom, luxury is the first thing which comes in my mind, the mirror outcome on the front wall is a lovely addition to this bathroom, and these rough finish brown coloured tiles give an exclusive touch to the space.

brown bathroom with a large wall mirror and ceiling lights

Last but not the least, the spacious multipurpose room, this idea absolutely explains us that we don’t always need a large space for the multipurpose room; it also can be this way, wooden flooring, bright colours and a rectangular wall decor, perfect match.

green sofa with wooden flooring and a large mirror on a wardrobe

With this I end up here, hope you liked my blog, and if yes then show your love by liking and sharing it with your friends. I will come back with a new story till then keep reading! Buh bye.

This beautiful and elegant home is designed by DIG Architects.

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