Should the toilet have its own room or not?

September 12, 2018 — by Renomania Design Team


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We all possess that personal space in our home that is the bathroom. Sometimes it is connected with the toilet and at times it is a separate one. It is dicey to decide that between two which is more convenient? It’s been a norm traditionally to keep the toilet and the bath separate during the olden-golden times when people used to have spacious houses but with the decreasing flat sizes, it is suggested that the toilet and bath area are usually at one single place, within the same area. These are either separated with plastic curtains, glass cubical, an elevated marble slab or a separate tub area.

As a personal belief, most designers prefer keeping the two separate. Trust me, bath area is all about aromatic candles and relaxation, it is like a calming ritual for the senses and body, all that net to a loo doesn’t sound like a good idea. If space is not really a constraint then, in my opinion, it is better to have separate place, one a bathroom and other a toilet. These are a few points which prove why I say so!

1. If someone is inside the bathroom and any on else wants to use the loo it is only possible when the two are separate whereas when both places are combined one has to wait for other to free the bath. Hence having both of them separate is practical and time-saving.

2. We keep our toothbrushes and other toiletries in our bathroom and when the toilet is attached it is little unhygienic, especially if you have kids at home.

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3. Wine and a soak in the tub are such a beautiful combination for the body and mind and a few people do love their drinks in the bath to have a time full of relaxation in bath tub, but all of this next to the toilet is no more be hygienic and doesn’t sound cool.
4. When both the spaces are built in separately they result as spacious rooms meant for different purposes, which adds to your comfort. The bath area, the vanity and so much more, offers you a separate private space, without any interruptions.

I know, having both together is a great idea when it comes to small practical homes but that comes at a cost of giving away the pleasure of a luxe personal space meant for relaxation and that very special me time. Thus I would conclude that having a separate bathroom and a toilet will be a better idea. So just in case you have space, time and energy you can rethink your bath and loo as a separate place.

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