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Step Inside for a WINTERY COZY Home

November 22, 2017 — by Shruti Agarwal

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It was not very long ago that we were fighting with scorching heat and perspiring weather, but gone are those days and now is the most-loved time of the year.

Chilling evenings, cosy blankets and bed throws and a cup of hot coffee is all what we crave for. Woollen caps and scarves embrace us in their arms. But hey, our home also calls for a quick winter makeover.

Let us check out the ways in which we can welcome winters in our home.

luxury master bedroom with ottoman, four poster bed and side lamps

light shaded sofa with orange and brown cabinets and a rug

Carpets and Rugs

Let your bare feet get the desired warmth every time they touch the cold floor. Woven, knotted and fluffy rugs also add a cosy element in the room.

easy four poster bed with a small rug and printed cushions  a pure white four poster bed with a hanging light

Draped Beds

Cover your four-poster beds with warm and beautiful drapes. This will not only accentuate the winter effect but will also offer a charming beautiful space.

Urban apartment - climatic interior in the dining room

easy cream sofa with a big floor lamp and a fireplace

Accent Lighting

With so little sunlight in winters, we are left with lighting up our homes with artificial light sources. Make the most of it by warm lights in yellow or red for a cosier feel. Add some accent festive lighting for a distinctive touch.

Dining Room Detail in New Home with pretty hanging lights

wooden candle holder with decor to illuminate the room

Fire and Candles

Burn it up with light aromatic candles to instantly add charm and warmth. Winter fragrances like vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger etc are great mood-boosters. A fire place in living room or any other space is also a much-loved corner for those freezing nights.

brown sofa with orange cushions and wall work

luxury bedroom with headboard touching the ceiling

Deep Colour Scheme

Winters are usually dull like grays and blacks.Accent your home with deep yet vibrant shades like warm yellows, mustards, berries and browns. Other than the colours, Warm elements like wood would also offer the desired warmth and tenderness.

This adorable season has so much cosiness to offer. So let us make the most of it by taking a few steps forward towards a quick and easy winter home makeover.

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Shruti Agarwal

Shruti Agarwal

Shruti Agarwal is a staff writer for RENOMANIA . She is a talented young Interior designer with a flair for design.


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