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The Colour Block Bathroom Trend

January 19, 2018 — by Kohler Ideas


If you’re one of many whose love of bold colour runs deep, you’ll be downright giddy over the blocks of fully saturated pinks, cobalts, and acid greens making their way from fashion runways to the home. Whether they’re paired with white, fully saturated, or combined with a rainbow of pattern, blocks of colour are energizing bathroom spaces from small to expansive in a myriad of styles.

pink cabinet with white washbasin and black wall

A Traditional Take on the Colour Block Bathroom

A daring spin on a traditional palette, this powerful colour-blocking scheme is the foundation for a truly compelling bath­room design. Classic details like crown moldings and furniture-style wood vanities ground the look in familiarity, while a thoroughly modern-shaped tub keeps it from being fussy.

Tips for a Traditional Colour Block Bath

1. Look to the colour wheel. Choose two to three colours from opposite sides for a dramatic colour blocking scheme.

blue fancy wall with wooden cabinets and white washbasin

2. The white toilet echoes the light shade from the floor, creating harmony with the patterned shower alcove and coordinating with the deep black vanity and counter.

white and golden bathroom with black washbasin counter

3. Traditional-style vanities in deep teak help tame a riot of colour and play up the room’s classic lines.

maroon counterop with black wall

A Transitional Twist on the Colour Block Bathroom

Colour can seriously enhance the individuality of a room and create a stunning statement.

Tips for a Transitional Colour Block Bathroom   

1. Use the 60-30-10 rule: Choose three colours and assign them a percentage.

2. White is a go-to shade that gives the eye a rest from bright hues.

3. If you’re too timid to commit to vibrant countertops, ease into bright color with easy-to-fix paint on spaces like doors and bright rugs and towels.

Clean and Contemporary Colour Block Bathroom

This vibrant bath is the perfect spot for a quick shower while echoing colors from the home’s exterior, a palette of orange , cream, and chrome reflects the homeowners’ indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

orange counterop in a simple white bathroom

Tips for a Contemporary Colour Block Bathroom

1. Tile is perfect for areas like baths; it’s easy to clean and can create some really dramatic color effects.

2. Gentle striations in the blue tile offer added depth to colour-washed walls.

3. A counter top white “floating” vanity breaks up the sea of blue while keeping the look clean, simple, and modern.

blue electric bathroom wall with white washbasin


a blue counterop with white simple bathroom



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