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Waterlounge by Hoesch, one of the most expensive whirlpools in the world

Immerse yourself in the fascinating wellness experience. Water Lounge concept by NOA design bureau gives its own interpretation of bathing and living. It breaks down borders, traditions and conventions. It creates smooth combinations you can delight with. You lie your body down comfortably in a transparent glass cube and let the light, water and delicate air massage regenerate your body and soul. The combination of aesthetic and functional values creates space for new visions and imaginations. Length: 2000mm Width: 1200mm Depth: 580mm Installation height: 725mm Bathtub capacity: 1200liters Air Jets: 15 Water Lounge transcends the classic boundaries of the bathroom concept. You cannot only relax wonderfully in the water-filled glass cube but also have the option of making yourself comfortable on your terrace for instance. The ergonomic recliner seat on rolls consists of a high quality frame made of brushed stainless steel and relaxing supports made of teak. Handy: the swiveling tray made of glass. The Control panel is conveniently integrated in the handy tray and operative via capacitive keys. The reading lamp , which can be swiveled 90degrees, created optimum lighting wherever you want. It is also equipped with a color changer which can transport you into different moods. What is more is that reading lamp – surprisingly and impressively – also serves as a water intlet.
Source: Etreluxe
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