Emerald Green Bone Inlay Chest Of Drawers Spider India

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Emerald Green Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers Spider India

Dressers The French Renaissance was a time of elegance in all things including furniture. Here, we have produced a classic, Renaissance-style camel bone inlay dressers that comes in a flourishing green color. The detailed floral design on the dressers has been handcrafted and constructed in India. The green color is also something that will really stand out in any room. It’s certainly a good way to brighten up your surroundings. The stylish curved legs and the unique design shapes all provide a vintage air of sophistication, but the bright green color also establishes the pieces modernity. The two long drawers and the extended top surface make this ideal for the storage or display of other items. The smooth camel bone has been reliably-sourced to ensure quality. Both of the drawers have a pair of hand-carved bone knobs to add to the overall elegance of the chest of drawers.
Source: Spider India
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