Balabharathi Digital Kitchen In Karur Perundurai Interior Design

BalaBharathi Digital Interior

BalaBharathi Digital Interior

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Digital interior design in karur digital moudlar kitchen in karur - balabharathi

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Building a dream home is a labor of love. From looking for inspirations and ideas to finding out whether a particular look or design will work for your home, hiring professionals and buying the required furniture, fixtures and fittings is a deeply involving and time-consuming task. Renomania promises to solve these problems and take the pain out of your journey right from the moment you think of a new home design project. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for inspiring ideas for a new kitchen or even redesign, or an architect or designer wanting to find business, Renomania is your one-stop destination. It is also the only platform that connects Indian homeowners to home professionals, decorators and experts.

“We thought of solving the biggest problems for home owners when they think of a home design project, from discovering great décor and design ideas to finding the right professionals to work with who will bring their ideas to reality,” Ritu says. The platform also allows home owners discover great products, fixtures and fittings that go into making a dream home. “Our goal is to handhold a home owner through the entire home design journey,” Navneet adds.

The Photos section is manually curated and with more than 3,50,000 high-definition photographs, Renomania has the largest catalogue of actual Indian homes. Many of these photographs are live tagged with details of products or fixtures as seen in the photo. “For example, if one really likes a coffee table or a kitchen counter in a picture, she/he can simply click on the associated tag and find out the details like the price and so on.”

Renomania also allows users to create scrapbooks of the looks they like and share it with their friends and family. Once the look is finalized, the home owner needs to determine if the desired look works for the space she/he has, and then find a professional who can bring it to reality. The platform has a curated list of over 20,000 designers and architects across India and this number is steadily growing.