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Italian Elegance
Amar Rathore

Amar Rathore

Bengaluru, Karnataka

35 Scrapbooks

Italian Elegance

Experience the fine Italian elegance in your very own comfortable home

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Bedroom is a place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. It is a space you call your own and rarely use to entertain your guests. Therefore elements like comfort, ease of access or movement and privacy become some of the pivotal issues that define the design of this space. This is truly your personal style statement. It is also a space that requires careful planning for all your electrical gadgets, storage requirement, security, lighting and air conditioning…to name a few.

Often adorned with family pictures it is relatively simpler to alters its look by adding bright or sober colour furnishing, cushion covers, rugs with matching curios and art work. It’s a lot more fun as well as challenging to do up your bed room than some of the formal spaces of the house. Wall colours with textures and flooring are the two main high impact areas that have to be focused upon if redoing the space from scratch.

The warm weather for most of the year suggests light colour clean floors with small rugs, which can be removed or replaced easily. Using calming greens, beige or misty blues works well in areas like these because they create a peaceful, serene feeling that will help you feel more relaxed. Keep your bedding colors simple and avoid any bright colors or patterns that might hamper your sleep.

Can I have wooden flooring in bedrooms?

Sure. Wooden flooring is a good option here. Wood being a natural insulation material it does not give you thermal shocks on touch like some of the other flooring materials that tend become very cold or hot easily. Laminated wood flooring is also reasonably maintenance free and can resist scratches. Laminated wood flooring is easy to install, remove and replace. It comes in large varieties of thicknesses, hardness, shades, locking style and cost.

How to plan my bedroom?

Make a list of all the furniture items that you want for your bedroom. Measure your room and the existing or proposed new furniture like the beds , side tables, seating, study or dressing table etc. Take a graph paper and create a rough layout with all the door and window locations. Now try and place the proposed furniture on the given space. Some tricks that designers use…keep the space at the entry of the room free from furniture. Avoid overcrowding the room. Use collapsible, foldable or multipurpose furniture if the room is equal or less that 120sq.ft.

Use wall hanging TV instead of placing it on a table. Similarly use a mirror on the wall along with wall suspended drawers instead of a floor mounted dressing table. Use light coloured tones on the wall and furniture instead of dark shades of polish etc. In case the room is equal to or larger than 180 sq.ft you should plan the seating area near the entrance while the bed should be placed towards the further end of the room, closer to the window. In case you like to watch t.v. in your bedroom then its placement and angle of vision is critical. Make sure the center of the TV is vertically in front and at eye level from the desired point of vision.

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