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Ethnic Style
The  Kwatra

The Kwatra

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Ethnic Style

Design your room and a plain yellow wall with an ethnic style of decor, giving a tribal look to your wall with small light lamps enhancing its beauty.

Source: The Ideal Home and Garden
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Decoration is what defines our style in our homes. It often reflects our personality…Earthy or loud or simple and tranquil and so on. Based on our individual aspirations and experiences we inspire and create our built environment. Some are very particular about manicuring every corner while others could be more focused on maintenance free design while still others prefer uncluttered look… There are a few who can’t decide any particular style and would fill up their homes with travel mementoes and knick knacks that caught their eye. This eventually becomes their style. Does colour play a role in décor? Colour is very important factor in binding the look of the room. Select one colour as the theme along with a few other supporting tones that together would bind all the various finishes, textures and decoration elements in the room. Colours also help create the mood for the room. Warm rich colours for entertainment areas while light pastel shades for bed rooms would ease and relax your mind. Texture paints in two to three colours with forms and shapes would hide hand stains in multi utility high traffic spaces like staircase, laundry room and so on. What is a theme for a room? Theme is the rhythm or the style that you would like to reflect in the space for a given time. For example using colour mauve and deep [blackish] red you could decorate the guest bed room. Now using striking colour cushion covers as your focus you could paint a picture of warmth and welcome by adding deep toned wall paintings and dull gold colour sheer curtains. Themes play a big role in defining the nature of activity, the mood and the style. Theme could be futuristic, modern, cubic, ethnic, Indian or Alien…it’s entirely up to you, your personality, your budget and your present state of mind. There is nothing wrong in choosing a theme colour this year for your bed room and then selecting completely new theme for the next. Neutral furniture design that blend with a lot of themes help if you like to change the theme for the room often. Low cost decoration ideas? • Adding colour to highlight a focus wall has minimalist impact on your budget. • Indoor plants also improve the ambiance of the room at very low cost. • Small pieces of artifacts, table top lampshades and carefully selected picture frames with family portraits all add to the decor of the room at a fraction of expensive wood work and upholstery. • Avoid using cheap filler art work often seen hung on the walls of budget hotels and gaudy over designed glossy furniture.

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