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Doorway to Living
Pragna Machhar

Pragna Machhar


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Doorway to Living

Satisfaction automatically hits your soul when you reach such a place that gives you the feeling of warmth and positivity as soon as you enter

Source: The Ideal Home and Garden
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In India a Living room is also referred to as a Drawing Room. Depending on the size and layout of the house a living room can serve many functions. If there is another space for the family to sit around in an informal way like a TV room or a Family Room, the Living Room is designed to be formal. It is only specifically used for entertaining guests and is furnished with the best resource you can afford. On the other hand if this is the only common space in the house then it doubles up to host family discussions, TV watching and casual entertainment. In the latter case the Living room is furnished in a more casual comfortable manner with hardy furnishings able to accept the daily wear and tear.

The Living Room décor has to follow the function that is to be served. A TV console with leather sofas and a corner for curios and a wall with art work or family pictures completes the look for a informal Living Room serving the purpose of entertaining guests and family time . In case of a formal Living room furnish the space with comfortable sofas , a large centre table , art pieces , curios, lamps, silk curtains and a Persian rug to complete the plush look . Create a look in every corner of the space to create a surprise element. You could have a contemporary look with straight line furniture or a mixed palette look with pieces from all over balanced together with a colour or an ethnic corner with artifacts collected from across our country .

How do I decide on the colours in the living room ?

The Living Room is a showcase of your style and taste . The right colours can transform the space into your dream space while the wrong colours with give you a heartburn and a hole in the pocket too. Try to understand how colours are matched and how a colour can be used as an accent. When you choose the combination of colours that appeal to you, check that they coordinate well one another. A good rule of thumb is 60 percent of the colour in a room should be a dominant colour , 30 per cent a secondary colour and 10 percent an accent colour. The dominant colour should be a neutral colour so it blends with all other colours. Typically complementary colors—colors found on opposite ends of the colour wheel—coordinate well with one another.

The accent colour could be a bold colour to bring a sense of life and vitality to the space. Create swatches on walls in the same room to decide on the final shade after a preview in daylight and with artificial lights. You will be surprised how colours look different in artificial light. A word of advise – Do not attempt dark colours in rooms with minimal natural light. Another way to decide on colours is to pick up colours from your existing furniture upholstery patterns and shades. For example if you have a patterned sofa, pick up a colour from there to create the overall scheme. This way your furniture and walls will coordinate with each other well. India is basically a hot country so light colours give a soothing effect. Light colour floors and ceiling make the room lighter and brighter. Light colours open up a room while dark colours close the space. So choose the colours accordingly.

You can also decide on colours if you work on a theme or look that you desire for your space. Create a modern look by using neutral colours like Broken White on all walls with a grey or a blue on one wall or two opposite walls. You can highlight one wall with steel look fireplace and a large artwork with a fiery red or orange. An Ethnic living room would work with deep colours in rich shades of red blue and orange. The walls could be neutral colours to accentuate the ethnic artifacts highlighted by colourful cushions and upholstery. The good thing is you can repaint the walls and change the look whenever you please .

What kind of furniture should I plan for?

First of all measure the space and the selected furniture and create a floor plan on a graph paper. Keep flexible seating options so that you can change the look whenever you want. Leave enough movement space between the seating and the centre table and side sofas or chairs . As Furniture is always an investment , choose pieces that will not go out of style and are well made and sturdy. Furniture should complement your taste or style and your budget . There is a wide range available in the market from Ethnic , wooden to straightline , imports from Italy , China and so on. You need to coordinate styles , consider the comfort and select . The upholstery colour of the pieces should be complementary and create a balance and look unified. The cushions could be used as highlighters and the curios as a show of personal collections.

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