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Structure Consultant
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Structural Consultants are trained to understand and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for buildings and non building structures, to develop designs and integrate their design with that of other designers, and to supervise construction of projects on site.

Structural Consultants are responsible for engineering design and analysis. Entry-level structural consultants may design the individual structural elements of a structure, for example the beams, columns, and floors of a building. More experienced engineers may be responsible for the structural design and integrity of an entire system, such as a building.

The role of a structural engineer today involves a significant understanding of both static and dynamic loading, and the structures that are available to resist them. The complexity of modern structures often requires a great deal of creativity from the engineer in order to ensure the structures support and resist the loads they are subjected to. A structural engineer will typically have a four year undergraduate degree, followed by a minimum of three years of professional practice before being considered fully qualified. Structural engineers are licensed or accredited by different learned societies and regulatory bodies around the world 

The Structure Consultant works in conjugation with an Architect and designs the appropriate structure to complement the design of the Architect or Interior Designer. If you want to make any changes in your flat or house like removing a wall you must consult a structure consultant to avoid any mishaps.